Tin tức & Sự kiện

18-06-2018 - 20-06-2018

ICG 2018

Control Union is present at the 27th IGC International Grains Conference which takes place on 19 - 20 June 2018 at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London. We are also proud sponsor of this year's delegate bags.

The IGC Conference brings together participants from across the global grains and oilseeds supply chain, spanning producers, exporters, traders, brokers, processors, trade associations, inspection services, shipping companies and policymakers.

Under a market-leading agenda, international speakers will provide their perspectives on a range of key topics, notably prospects for global grains and oilseeds supplies – and their potential market impact – including the latest developments in Russia, China and Brazil. Amid IGC’s tentative projections for record trade in the main commodities during 2018/19, the question how markets will deal with expanding demand, given a range of logistical and other challenges, will be addressed.

Control Union International Grains Council