Waste & Recycling

At Peterson, we care about you and your products and the waste and recycling sector is certainly no exception to this.

We understand the role waste management plays in a wider resource management strategy and can help you rethink your waste policies to benefit your business.

By segregating and recycling at source as much possible, we can make waste work more effectively for you, not just by reducing waste volumes but by recovering energy or financial value from your waste that would otherwise be lost.

The waste management industry is on the move, its changing role as a raw material is evolving and the introduction of waste to energy power plants has led to several new markets such as ashes and granulates being used as building materials.

Our process can include the overall visual determination to ensure grading meets industry standards or more thorough inspection processes can be completed, for example, a report on cleanliness, contaminants, foreign objects and moisture content can be produced.

We are an independent global service provider with a wide range of specialised logistics solutions, commodity inspections, and laboratory services to protect your interests in a cost-effective way during each step in the value chain.

Our international network enables us to offer our clients a full range of services around the globe.

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