(Precious) Metals

Our in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the logistics chain makes us second to none within the precious metals industry and our team of experienced and motivated cargo surveyors undertake periodic inspections to ensure a consistent quality of our services.

Precious metals are used for a wide variety of sectors and products, including the steel, glass, and chemical industries.

We are experienced in precious and platinum group metal inspections and analytical services. Peterson offers a complete range of independent inspection, weighing, sampling, sample preparation, and analytical services for a wide range of precious metals.

Our sampling service includes preparation, forwarding and storage in our stockroom. Using dedicated equipment, our experts ensure that samples are prepared and analysed according to international standards with respect to moisture, wet-chemical analysis, XRF, ICP, whiteness, specific gravity, bulk density, particle size distribution and/or a sieving test.

Other tests can be provided on demand. For fast and reliable results, we work with reputable and internationally recognised laboratories to issue digital reports within one or two business days, prior to completion of the field research and laboratory test results.

With offices globally, we are able to represent you with local and knowledgeable employees that truly understand precious metals.

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