Fly ash, Lime, Cement & Sand

At Peterson, we care about you and your products and the construction materials sector is certainly no exception to this.

Peterson is specialised in the inspection and logistics of bulk goods such as fly ash, lime, sand, gravel and other construction materials. We own a fleet of 21 silo bulk trailers, some of which are suitable for loading cargoes with GMP 4 classification.

We can provide multimodal solutions through our coordinated fleet of trucks and barges, and our silo tank barges are fully equipped with a sealed, weather independent pneumatic system. We also offer independent quality control services throughout the entire supply chain and with offices globally we are able to represent you with local and knowledgeable people that truly understand construction materials.

Our Operational Coordination Centre (OCC) is the hub for the daily communication between our customers, transporters and the manufacturers and it also organises the complete logistic processing and supply management for the Dutch fly ash industry.

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